Portable Hanging Wig Stand for All Wigs and Hats

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Wig Hangers - Save Your Counter Space & Set Your Wigs Dust Free!

● Have you been tired of packing your wig to a bag or package box after using?
● Did you find the bottom of your long wigs get dirty easily on short wig stands on a counter?
● Have you been searching for a new and brilliant design for storing wigs that can not only save your counter space, keep your wigs away from dust, perfect for long and short wigs, easy to take when travelling, but also good for storing your hats?

Wig Hangers are designed to hang wigs with ease. Anyone who has towel racks, cloest space or anywhere that can hang something in your house can choose Wig Hanger instead of foam wig heads or wig stands. It can helps save more counter space, and keep your wigs away from dust in your closet.
Placing your wigs on such wig hangers, you will no longer worry about wigs going out of shape. And simply styling your wig on a wig hanger is also feasible. Moreover, you can also put your hat on it when not in use.

Instruction Key Points - How to Make Your Wig Hanger Stay Firm for Using?

There are two important notes to help you make sure that each part of the wig hanger is firmly locked together.
1) After you interlocking the bottom of the main body and the accessory, please push the accessory down with a bit strength to make sure there is no any gap. Only when there's no gap left can you lock the upper U notch easily.
2) We have upgraded the mould of the wig hanger to ensure the top round circle NOT POP UP from the main body. After positioning the top round circle at each notch correctly, please push them down with a bit strength one by one and make sure no gap left.

If this is the one that you have been looking for to store your wigs in a better way, just DON'T MISS IT!

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